Since the hunt for Sophia last its subsequent season, The Walking Dead continues to be pleased to pull events out over the annoying number of episodes. For several followers, Season 7 had been one long, tedious tease for the inescapable showdown involving the Saviors and Rick’s people at Alexandria. This was not aided by the choice to split up most of the characters and spend whole episodes far from specific storylines, resulting in a pace which experienced frond at times.

The single thing that blow my mind is the blatant foreshadowing. Ezekial constantly repeating those words through the entire episode could not have made it much more apparent that anything would definitely go wrong.

After Ezekial in Walking Dead Season 8 Stream had driven his team to spring all their trap upon the Saviors, they finished up strolling right into a trap of their own. It put the team on the defensive, who experienced an advantage. Up until that time, and brought their well-coordinated and planned intend to a screeching cease.

Typically, the show starts a couple weeks or even at most a couple of months through the events of the season 7 finale, and that we understand this considering the fact that Rosita Christian Serratos continues to be putting on a bandage through being shot within the season-ender. Three communities, Alexandria, the Hilltop, and also the Kingdom are intending an attack on Negan and the Saviors and also a real attack, as opposed to the shitshow within the single outpost in season 6 which ultimately resulted in Glenn and Abraham’s deaths.

It is very well-coordinated. And also the best part is virtually all people have a part to play, which provided the rare chance of integrating nearly every character in one episode. Actually, a few characters that people haven’t observed in a while, like Francine Dahlia Legault and Tobin Jason Douglas be involved within the team, and heck, Shiva actually creates a physical appearance, only when for a moment. The ambiance is of hope and of an upcoming without having dictators like Negan. And it is great seeing everybody operating together, rather than being broken and also injured.

Being that it’s the 100th show and as you might have currently heard, there are several fantastic tiebacks to previous episodes, that includes the Pilot. Within a scene, nearly the same as the main one in the Pilot of Rick with the gas station, Carl Chandler Riggs furthermore visits a gas station but rather of running right into a walker, he runs into another survivor. I cannot spoil who also the character is, however it is only one which was rumored in recent months and who was able to be found for a split second within the Comic-Con trailer. This individual starts to shake off what seems to be absurdity, at the very least, until Rick Andrew Lincoln comes up and runs him off. Since he clarifies to Carl, you cannot be extremely careful which guy is actually a spy for any Saviors.

They’re rubbish really, aren’t they? Hay Day is a much better game. Oh, we’re not questioning their strategic content or their depth or anything like that. No, we’re talking about the way that they never seem to represent proper battles; you’re normally in control of what would count as a minor skirmish in real life. Where’s the fun in that? Why can’t we have massed battles with thousands of individual soldiers, eh? Something that looks like one of those tabletop battlefields covered in lovingly hand-painted lead soldiers; the sort of thing you’d find in your scary uncle Bernard’s attic?

The answer’s obvious – it can’t be done. Or can it? Cossacks looks set to impress even those of us who couldn’t care less about war gaming by dint of filling its battlefields with thousands of little soldiers, all looking gorgeous and with no sign of scary uncle Bernard. Seeing it in motion is enough to warm the hearts of even the most dedicated war game-haters; hundreds of troops line up in formation, advance on the massed ranks of the enemy, then either rout them convincingly or scatter in a panic as the other side proves too strong. It’s fabulous to watch.

Which means that Cossacks is capable of providing all gamers with at least half an hour’s entertainment until the thrill of viewing enormous virtual battles wears off. So what’s there for the more serious player?

Thankfully, loads. GSC recruited a proper military historian to get things right, so you’d need to be better than him to spot any errors. As well as the staggering 8,000 units that can be visible on screen at once, GSC have created four campaigns of 10 battles each, covering 300 years of European history from the 16th to the 18th century. You can choose between 16 European nations, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and architecture, but all equally weighted. Battles take place on both land and water, but from our viewing of Cossacks it seemed that the land battles offered the more exciting gameplay; ordering masses of troops around is more rewarding to our eyes than steering slow-moving ships about.

On top of the campaigns you’ll find 10 historically accurate battles recreated to the last detail, and a multiplayer mode for up to seven players. Seven? Yes; GSC say that they opted for a seven-player setup to differentiate Cossacks from the eight-player Age of Empires 2. Right… And on top of the fighting there’s a little necessary empire-building and resource management, although GSC are going easy on the micro-management, which is fine by us.

Sounds daunting? Not a bit of it; GSC’s Sergiy Grygorovich tells us that they’re pitching Cossacks at the average Red Alert 2 player rather than hardcore strategists, and to lead you in gently there are three tutorial missions covering everything from the bare basics to advanced army management. And if you really want to get into it, GSC are including an enormous CD-ROM encyclopaedia of relevant military history with the game. Phew!

Cossacks is due out in March; it’s already out in Russia where it shifted 100,000 copies in its first two days on sale. We’re looking forward to it here; even those of us who don’t like strategy games are itching to give it a go. A good sign in anyone’s book, that.

Microsoft Outlook is a very popular email client program that is being used by both households and organizations alike. Microsoft Outlook lets you manage your different email accounts with ease, and in addition to this, you get to use its other functionalities like calendar, task manager, notes, etc. Though Outlook is a wonderful email client application, you may sometimes encounter with problems while using it. Often Outlook issues can be solved easily using its built-in repair tools and Windows Repair function. However, in certain cases, you might want to remove Outlook from your computer and reinstall it as a last resort.

Here in this article, we will see how to uninstall Microsoft Outlook from your computer. We will be discussing two methods using which you can uninstall Microsoft Outlook. If you have any doubts on this you may visit the Microsoft Help Forum and get valuable tips.


Uninstalling Outlook through Add/Remove Programs

  • Click on the Start button on your Windows taskbar located at the bottom left corner of your desktop screen. From the Start menu, select Control Panel. This will open the Control panel window. Now double click Add/Remove Programs icon to open it.


Windows Components Wizard

  • Clicking Add/Remove Programs will display the list of installed applications on your computer. Scroll through this list of programs to find the listing for Microsoft Office. Depending on the version you have installed, you may find a different Microsoft Office name there, say “Professional Edition 2003? for example. Click once on it and then click on the Change button.
  • Clicking this button will bring up the Microsoft Office Setup window. Here you will see three options namely; Add or Remove Features, Repair and Remove. Select the option Add or Remove Features. Then click the button Continue.
  • In the next window, you will find the list of Office Suite applications installed on your computer. Uncheck the box for Microsoft Outlook and click on the option Update. This will remove Microsoft Outlook from your computer.


Uninstalling Outlook Windows Components Wizard

  • Go to the Start menu on your Windows taskbar and click on Control Panel to open the Control Panel window. From this window, open Add/Remove Programs by double-clicking on it.
  • From the Add/Remove Programs window, click the option Add/remove Windows Components on the left side of the window. This will bring up the Windows Component Wizard.
  • Scroll through the list of components to find Microsoft Outlook. Deselect the checkbox next to Microsoft Outlook icon and click the Next button.
  • This will perform the un-installation of Microsoft Outlook from your computer.

You get more useful tips from Microsoft Help Forum and Microsoft website about the different un-installation methods and various troubleshooting steps on Microsoft Outlook.


It has been roughly 12 years since the first Ruby and Sapphire came out for Nintendo Gameboy Advance. These new games or should I say remakes, however, introduces us with the new region called Hoenn, new villains – team Aqua adn team Magma, new rosters of Pokemon, and definitely tons of improvement for the game itself, as far as gameplay mechanics is concern.

While many did not get the chance to visit Hoenn, either because they fell out of the Pokemon craze or they were not born yet, Game Freaks 3D revival as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is a fantastic game for new comers and returning players. Pokemon has changed very little over the years, and this is no different. You choose a starter Pokemon, capture and train new companions, fight for the Pokemon League, and the game’s evil team, and saving the world.

The evil that you are going to face is the same color as your game. For example if you play Pokemon Omega Ruby, then its is going to be team Magma. Otherwise, if you play Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, then you are going to face Team Aqua. The story of teh game is not deep, it is a classic “save the world” antic at its best.

Visually, the game uses the X and Y engine of last year. But I feel that Game Freak has taken its time to make this game the most beautifully made Pokemon game to date. The game also features secret base from the X and Y. Players have the power to customize its content, decorate it, or even make a mini gym, where you friends can visit and battle.

The overall game stays true with the original Ruby and Sapphire except with a few minor changes. One of the most notable change is the ExP share which gives a boost to all your Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom in the party even if its not doing anything. This item is a double edge sword where you can make leveling easy and at the same time clearing the game easier. After you finished the Elite 4, you will be able to unlocked a Post Game adventure called the Delta Episode. This game tries to draw some ties with X and Y as well as mega evolution, but overall, the tale just creates more question rather than answer.

Generally, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby are interesting mix. Definitely it borrowed a lot from X and Y. This is perfect for those fan of the original Ruby and Sapphire.

If mobile gaming is what you are looking for, then Call of Duty Heroes is the perfect one for you. It is available both on iOS and Android which gives it considerably big player base. This game despite being mostly unique is getting some negative publicity due to the fact that others are saying that this is just another attempt of a Clash of Clans clone. It is somewhat true but to me personally has a better gameplay mechanic, not to mention better graphics, comparing to COC. In other words, Call of Duty Heroes is different in its own way.

At first glance, the game has a very outstanding graphics and animation especially if you consider it at the perspective of a mobile game. It brought strategy base building game visual quality to the next level with those effects and 3D environment. Another thing that makes it stand out is the unique Call of Duty element during attacks, that is having Kill Streaks just like what you have with any Call of Duty FPS title.

The goal of the game is pretty simple and straightforward — it is to infiltrate and loot as much resources as you can while trying to destroy everything in the way. The more damage you can do, the better as it would yield corresponding percentage to trophies that can help you level up in ranking. As you level up, players will also have the chance to use heroes — which are characters that we know of from other COD titles e.g. Captain Price, Mason, Ghost etc. The unique thing about these heroes is the fact that they are user controllable and can be purchased with celerium, a premium currency, earned either by completing quests or buying. However you get it, http://www.callofdutyheroeshack.comfor further knowledge on celerium and its generator. This is a point of emphasis since this feature is one of the things that are not present on other base building games to date. Additional troops will also be unlocked together with buildings and other structures that you can use to fortify your base against enemy attackers.

As far as other features are concern, they are pretty much easy to understand if you have been playing a lot of this kind of genre. For example, you have a limited number of builders which will eventually increase in number if you can gather enough celerium to buy it as you progress in the game. This thing called celerium is premium resources a.k.a currency that can be purchased online or you can get it in the game but in a much slower pace. This is where the money comes in for the Activision. Though, you can play the game a lot faster using real world money, you will still not miss a single feature of the game if you decide not to spend anything. This what makes the game attractive to everyone. If I were you, I will give this Call of Duty Heroes a shot.

A different commentary I’ve completed in SimCity BuildIt but another issue you will comprehend exactly what to anticipate following because there are actually no cinematic in this Android game SimCity BuildIt, so I extremely suggest you need to be persistence you just check this out review. Just as before this is actually my review so I do hope you have read through the background coming from my very first review. Today allow me to continue, Building homes earns you Simoleons and makes you closer to your upcoming Level Up. Sims will move in when construction is actually finished.

Immediately after you have built your Homes, you will immediately provided a whole new task would certainly be to provide electricity for your residence. After that you can click on an icon “Power “then your assistant will interact. “Your city requirements electrical power. You may choose clean wind electricity or low-cost coal. Try to be watchful as too much pollution will make your Sims Unhappy. This is whenever you have to recognize that every now and then you have to keep your eye on the watch in your City to determine pollution so that your citizens will not likely reported and also they’ll offer you along with a great points and XP.

Within SimCity: Build It, you can well, clearly, build a city of your own. You’ll have Residential, Commercial, Factory, and also Solutions, much like what any type of SimCity games would certainly have. There will be also federal authorities building, waste management, authorities and fire department, education and learning and transportation, and also many even more structure offered to open in addition to the advancement of your video game. EA included more with free of cost to play element. So you will certainly find such food like timer based construction, premium money, and also certainly rare things.

Residential will be your income source within this video game. The more population you have, the more earnings (tax obligation) you can obtain from them. To raise population, you have to upgrade the domestic by crafting products coming from the industrial and also factory structure.  I’ll offer you a strategy tat is sort of hack or exploit that can add Simcity resources (e.g. SimCash) easily. Every step is required for the succeeding aspect to happen. You’ll get a task to trade materials to a several City owner online and this is incredibly great thing regarding the computer game you can communicate with the player online. And yet another thing is to create Town Hall or Government building. So gamers, there are actually numerous a few things I will discuss here nevertheless I will accomplish this slowly.

Doomsday prophets run rampant on the internet and usually they’re pretty easy to tune out for those who plays Hay Day, but when the vice president of Google warns of a digital dark age, it’s kind of hard not to take notice. Cerf believes that storing things digitally isn’t bulletproof as you might think. And the elder of the internet may have a point. Digital mediums do degrade over time, sure, but even if the information is good there’s the problem of accessing it. What’s a universal device today might be totally obsolete in a decade. It’s why you don’t see floppy diskettes or laser disks anymore.

But even if we keep the hardware around we still need the software to decode it. Digital data are just ones and zeros but there are many different formats they can be arranged in. New and better formats are developed all the time, and there’s no guarantee of backwards compatibility. Without software that can interpret the information and hack tools available at , it’s all useless. That’s why you need to stay strong and keep saying not today to that Java update. But you can’t hold out forever, and you’d need to keep transferring your data to new mediums and formats, which sounds like a lot of effort. Plus you may miss something you don’t realize is important until it’s too late.


So Cerf recommends printing and storing documents and pictures physically. But there’s a reason we don’t do this already: where would you put all of it? Paper, thin as it is, takes up huge amounts of space because it’s a relatively inefficient way to store data. I think however I may have found a solution. DNA. For years scientists have had the idea that if DNA can save genetic information, why can’t it be used to store digital information too? George Church, a Harvard professor who is mapping the human genome, thought he’d try that as a fun little side project. In 2012 he appeared on the Colbert Report with a copy of his book, and then produced a vial with a slip of paper on it. and on the paper was a tiny dot. And on that dot was DNA with its base pairs of AT and GC representing 1’s and 0’s. That single dot of DNA contained 20 million copies of his book.

So why aren’t we rocking smartphones with 20 gazillion terabytes of storage on DNA drives? Well for a number of reasons, the technology isn’t ready yet. First off, DNA has issues of longevity. It reacts with its environment and errors in the data are caused by heat or radiation. Dr. Robert Grass of Zurich’s Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences may have solved the problem by encasing the DNA in silica spheres 150 nanometers in diameter. They tested it by keeping the glass coated DNA heated between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius for a month to simulate the passage of hundreds of years, and when they separated the DNA from the silica with a fluoride solution they found it was just fine, thanks. It’s also not cheap, with a megabyte costing over $12,000, and it’s not easy to access quickly. But this way you can keep every single TV show and Movie ever made in a solo cup for thousands of years. So long as we keep a method to decode it, there’s no reason we should lose a thing.